3.2.2. pypago.grid.create_grid

pypago.grid.create_grid(coord, jmin=None, jmax=None, imin=None, imax=None)

Returns a Grid instance associated with the input coord argument. If it is a pypago.coord.GfdlCoords object, then it returns a pypago.grid.GfdlGrid object. Else, it returns a pypago.grid.CommonGrid object.

  • jmin (int) – Index of the southernmost point of the subdomain
  • jmax (int) – Index of the northernmost point of the subdomain
  • imin (int) – Index of the westernmost point of the subdomain
  • imax (int) – Index of the easternnmost point of the subdomain
:param pypago.coords.Coords coord: Coordinate object
associated with the grid file (longitude, latitude, mask of the entire domain, used in the file extraction)